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Brown-Forman Corp., makers of Jack Daniel’s Whisky, is in high spirits during this financial blitz:

Brown-Forman’s net income rose 11% to $143.2 million, or 94 cents a share, beating the Wall Street consensus of 92 cents. Sales also rose more than expected, climbing 4.6% to $934.7 million.

As the market continues it’s rollar-coaster plunge, it seems more and more people are reaching for the bottle.  And Aug.-Oct., by far the worst months of the crisis yet seen, were the strongest months for Brown-Forman.

And times have changed:

Of course, that option wasn’t available to the earlier generation of bear victims — at least legally. Prohibition, which banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States, wasn’t repealed until December 1933. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, upon signing the legislation that paved the way for repeal, probably spoke for many of his countrymen when he commented:

“I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

So if you are looking to invest in the coming months, I would look here and here.

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