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Last week, I posted at length about the disturbing trend in the distribution between the two departments in economics course instruction at ND. Someone who read the post commented that another way to frame this discussion is to simply show the trend in faculty size of the two departments. This information is easily captured in a line graph, which I present below.


The graph starts in 2003, which is when the split occurred (to read more about the split, check out the “Economics at Notre Dame” tab at the top). There were 20 economics faculty when the split occurred. 5 went into Econometrics (ECOE) and 15 went to Policy Studies (ECOP). ECOE has been able to hire at will, so it’s line has been on a steady upward trend. Because ECOP has not been allowed to hire new faculty, it has seen steady attrition. Starting next fall, ECOE will have double the faculty of ECOP, belying any notion of “equal strength.”

Interestingly, “equal strength” in faculty was achieved around fall of 2007, when we students began questioning the situation between the departments. Our concerns were not addressed then, and the situation has clearly worsened since. Again, the policy prescription is so obvious I feel stupid saying it: let ECOP hire faculty.

Update: I should include the full list of faculty and dates that I used to construct this graph. None of the information is privileged- it can all be easily found on bios and cvs readily accesible on the web. If you notice any errors I have made, please let me know in the comments or by email so I can correct them.

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