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Mark C. Taylor, the chairman of the religion department at Columbia, offers his ideas to shake up the university system with a little (okay a lot) of pluralism amongst other approaches.

The division-of-labor model of separate departments is obsolete and must be replaced with a curriculum structured like a web or complex adaptive network. Responsible teaching and scholarship must become cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural…

It would be far more effective to bring together people working on questions of religion, politics, history, economics, anthropology, sociology, literature, art, religion and philosophy to engage in comparative analysis of common problems.

Abolish permanent departments, even for undergraduate education, and create problem-focused programs…It is possible to imagine a broad range of topics around which such zones of inquiry could be organized: Mind, Body, Law, Information, Networks, Language, Space, Time, Media, Money, Life and Water.

These bold demands (and others in the article) may seem extreme, but as money grows tighter and more potential students start second guessing the enormous price tags that accompany a graduate and even undergraduate education, universities may start implementing these or similar ideas.

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Name That Currency

Matt posted a couple of weeks ago about the Michiana Community Currency. Well, it’s time to put the name to a vote, and you can put in your two cents (pun intended) here.

My personal favorite (because I hate forced acronyms, except QUEST of course)- Michiana Bridges.

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Survival Strategies

The NYTimes has a new section where viewers can post recommendations on how to cope with the economic downturn.  Here are a few examples:

Ditch your cable box and consume your media for free on the Internet over “borrowed” WiFi.

Actually wear the clothes you own (OMG).

Make a bag lunch and add two pieces of fruit & a sank bar and some tea bags. You’ll save 10 to 15 bucks a day = 200 to 300 dollars a month!

Have rich friends.

And my favorite:

I married a man whose house is already all paid for…

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