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In light of the White House’s new organic garden, The Daily Show had a great segment on organic gardening last night that presented a good balance of perspectives. Critics often charge that, because it is expensive, organic gardening is elitist and will lead to starvation if everyone were to make the switch. They guy in the video clip says that instead of planting an organic garden, the Obama family should be teaching children how to use pesticides in order to be more efficient.

In South Bend, a group called the Community Gardens of Michiana has been planting seeds throughout the city and the movement has been growing. The Unity gardens tend to be located in grocery-starved areas and aim to bring free, healthy food to people who need it while bringing people in the neighborhood together. This movement is anything but elitist. Or capitalist. The gardens are run on volunteering and donations. It will certainly be interesting to see how they fare.

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Barbara Ehrenreich on unemployment and the “job” of job-seeking.

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