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From Faces of the Recession:

John Dolza was laid off from his job at a nursing home last summer. After spending a few months volunteering for the Obama campaign, Dolza decided to focus his efforts on establishing the first community garden in his town of Fenton, Michigan.  In a few short months he has rallied the town around the project, securing support from the city government, several local businesses, a grant from the Mott Foundation, and numerous friends and neighbors.


Dolza believes this is a project of necessity.  “People around here are hungry,” says Dolza. “We’ve got folks who are going to Wal-Mart and stealing food and toilet paper because they’re so broke”.  With this in mind, 2600 square feet of garden, about a quarter of the entire space, is dedicated for food for the hungry.  Dolza was also pleased to discover the project appealed to a wide range of Fenton residents.  “We’ve got retired hippies, U.A.W. guys, former GM managers, family moms that wanna grow food for the family…a huge diversity of people and all of them really energized”.

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Health Insurance Adventure


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