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No, not an Outsiders reference, but a much needed diversion for this blog.

Personally, I’m from the Midwest and my county is royal blue, which means that I’m in a minority, because I sneer at people who call it “pop.” I am surprised to see the cluster of St. Louisians fighting the good fight, however.

Anyways, file this under non-scientific awesomeness, courtesy of popvssoda.com (although I think the url’s ordering has resulted in a clear bias).

And, if you’re wondering what “other” could be, the most common answer is “soft drink.” Kudos, though,  to the 394 people who refer to carbonated beverages as “tarzan slams.”

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Richard Wolff has an interesting article in MRZine about an important prepositional distinction, that between crises in capitalism and crises of capitalism. He starts,

Capitalism has generated recurring “crises” everywhere and throughout its history…Crises in capitalism (depressions, recessions, cyclical downturns, etc.) are neither new nor unusual.  Because capitalism works that way, its supporters came to label the more severe or protracted down periods crises because they feared that capitalism’s victims would turn against it and seek basic social change.  Capitalism’s defenders eventually developed a set of policies to manage its inherent economic instability…Past and present advocates of such policies have believed they would both overcome whatever crisis existed then and also prevent future crises.  No policies have ever, to date, achieved the latter goal.  Today’s global crisis proves that.  Nor is there agreement about whether these policies ever overcame a crisis.


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Another interesting graphic from the NYT

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From the New York Times

The related article provides a story for the figures

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