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Brand-Name Classes

I’m surprised that I’m surprised about this:

The nation’s economic crisis is forcing schools to take unprecedented steps to survive: laying off teachers, cutting bus services, eliminating summer classes. But more drastic measures may not be far off. Could the next step in saving American education be Introduction to Nutrition, Sponsored by McDonald’s or PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Financial Accounting 101?

Don’t laugh. The City College of San Francisco is considering selling the naming rights to nearly 800 endangered classes. The 105,000-student institution gets most of its funding from the state government, which is grappling with an estimated $27 billion budget deficit. The school has already imposed a freeze on new hires and cost-of-living adjustments to employees’ salaries. Faced with an estimated $25 million budget deficit, the school’s chancellor, Don Griffin, has proposed eliminating 800 of the school’s roughly 9,800 classes for this fall. Last month, however, he proposed a novel potential solution: saving the classes with corporate sponsorships of up to $6,000 per semester.

College administrations could have some fun with this (in a sad, ironic way)…

American Labor History, brought to you by Wal-Mart

Business Ethics, brought to you by Enron

International Relations, brought to you by Blackwater

Health and Wellness, brought to you by McDonalds

Environmental Science, brought to you by Exxon

Accounting, brought to you by Arthur Anderson

Organic Farming and Agriculture, brought to you by Monsanto

Early Childhood Development, brought to you by Nike

Introduction to Feminist Studies, brought to you by Victoria’s Secret

…Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

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Bailout Art


By Scott Moore [HT: MR]

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