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A few surprises…

Divorce rates are down, with couples perhaps seeing some (economic) value in staying hitched, and people are reaching past the Campbell’s Soup for more organic (and pricey) options.  More people are going to the movies (Harry Potter surely hasn’t taken a hit in his wallet) and the “vice” industry –  drinking, gambling, and smoking – has “gone to hell,” with tax income from alcohol sales dropping %5.  Read the article for more.

As always, the world is full of quirks and contradictions, and the current mileu of crisis is no exception.


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This is actually not a shameless self-plug. Instead, knowing that Sean (smallin) will not own up to it himself, I’ll make you aware of his new blog (in his own words, which were taken from an email without his permission):

From now on, I’m going to be posting on a new blog I’ve made (http://culturaleconomies.wordpress.com/) in addition to the Open Economics blog.  I’m using the new one for more of my own commentary/research/rambling, while my posts on Open Economics will remain the same as they’ve been.

Fair enough. I’ve added the above link to our blogroll as well.

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