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“Feral Houses”

Detroit photographer James D. Griffioen (h/t SusanG@DK) has a photo gallery of what happens when humans abandon structures and nature takes them back. Here’s my favorite:

I always enjoy the thought experiment of what would happen to our structures if humans vanished and nature took over. How long would the Willis (f.k.a Sears) Tower remain standing? How long would it take for birds to break through the windows?

I did a walking tour of Harlem about a month ago, and one of the buildings we spent a significant amount of time in front of was a community center that used to host large black entertainment events, basketball games, and the like. It has since gone to shambles and the community is trying to decide what to do with it. The real headscratcher was realizing that a tree was growing out of the roof. Anyways, it’s always humbling to remember that no structure is going to last forever, and that social factors will play a significant role in the physical landscape of the earth.

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