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Plaid Friday

Not everyone is buying into “black Friday” these days. In Oakland, there has been an effort to encourage shoppers to think about an alternative type of shopping. They could show support by wearing plaid while doing their shopping.

Oakland’s independent businesses are asking residents today to bypass “Black Friday” and celebrate “Plaid Friday” instead, by doing their post-Thanksgiving shopping at independent, locally-owned businesses.

A more extreme alternative has been promoted by Adbusters, Buy Nothing Day, where people can protest consumerism by buying nothing on the day after Thanksgiving. Certainly for some people, freedom to not choose is more important than being free to choose.

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Following up on my last post about carbon commodification, I’ve read that Naomi Klein (author of No Logo) is going to take on the free market approach to climate change in her next book:

The Toronto-based journalist and activist says advocates for market-based solutions like carbon trading will face-off against those who believe a longstanding “climate debt” obliges rich countries – which produce most pollution – to fund sustainable environmental futures for poorer countries, which suffer the most ecological damage.”It is absolutely going to be a war in Copenhagen,” Klein says in a recent interview…

“You have this generation of young people whose views of the market and the economy have been profoundly shaped by this meltdown and by witnessing massive inequality and even witnessing this so-called recovery,” says Klein, who speaks regularly at university campuses…

“I’m very excited by the idea of climate debt…. This accounting could lead to serious funding for countries to leapfrog over fossil fuels. It isn’t just a punitive measure, it has all kinds of possibilities that benefit everybody.”

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