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New Feature: Friday Links

I’ve decided that I’m going to make Friday links a regular feature on this blog. Why? Mainly, the Twitter thing clearly hasn’t caught on with this blog’s readership, so I want some way to communicate links that are worthy of reading but don’t stimulate a post. Look for it here, every (gulp) Friday afternoon. I’ll have two categories, serious links and diversions (it is Friday). Also, if you have a link to recommend, throw it in the comments, please (and to everyone else, check the comments for others). Have a great weekend!

Serious links

Aid Watch: Indigenous slavery has lasting effects on development (the human kind)

Breakdown Podcast: Chris Hayes discusses the non-discretionary defense spending  freeze.

David Ruccio: Discussing class as a social process

IPS: World Social Forum at 10

The Baseline Scenario: Simon Johnson skewers Congress on Bernanke reconfirmation

Real Time Economics: Economists react to the Q4 GDP report

Marginal Revolution: Alex Tabarrok asks, do animals have animal spirits?


Bill Simmons: What are the most tortured fan bases in (American) sports?

Incredible sand animation video (the time will fly, trust me).

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