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Many serious links today, and struggling to find the diversions…

Serious Links

David Westbrook has some real talk on Afghanistan (First Things)

An interview with John Bellamy Foster on “Marx’s Ecology” (MRZine)

A critical reading of Dambisa Moyo’s sensation Dead Aid (MRZine)

Supervisor sympathy: a new kind of civil disobedience? (Boston Globe)

Ta-Nehisi Coates on John Yoo and al-Qaeda (The Atlantic)

Chris Hayes looks at the attempts to revive the public option (The Nation)

Health care- what if McCain had won? (Ezra)

Attack on climate science as OJ moment (HuffPo)

The Chamber of Commerce’s climate obstruction (Yale)

Will the US use contracts to increase middle class wages? (NYT)

Blast from the past: yesterday’s decision seems to confirm the message of my open letter


Bill Simmons on how to fix the NBA

“I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you sooner” –xkcd

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