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Friday Links

Serious Links

David Ruccio follows up on “Rawls on Marx” with some helpful points (Anti-capitalism)

Rick Wolff on “Capitalism and the Useful Nation State”- (MRZine)

Mark Weisbrot talks about Greenspan’s dreamy nightmare- (RWER)

More on land grabbing, this time in Latin America- (GRAIN)

Chris Hayes on elites, institutional failure, and the prospect of change from below (Time)

IRIN on “gray literature” and climate change- (MRZine)

Are seed monopolies causing price increases? (Perhaps a reason to be weary of GMO initiatives)- (NYT)

Hoarding of emissions permits in Europe- (Guardian)

Daniel Little probes whence moral sentiments arise- (Understanding Society)

This analysis of Arthur Bentley’s pluralism makes it seem quite Alinskyian- (New Yorker)


Enjoy watching middle school children sing popular songs? Look no further- here’s Phoenix’s Lisztomania:

Speaking of children, watch Jon Stewart shred Glenn Beck.


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