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Friday Links

Lots of links, then I’m back from vacation monday.

Serious Links

Chris Hayes offers a good look at financial regulatory reform- The Nation

Ezra Klein’s take on why historians are less prominent than economists- WaPo

  • When first typing this description, I was distracted and wrote “Republicans” instead of “economists”- oops.

Greg Mankiw gets radical and says we should scale back what we seek from banks- NYT

A Rutgers professor says infancy is where consumerism begins– NJ.com

Mark Weisbrot evaluates prospects for change at the IMF…very cautiously- Guardian

Edmund Cunway says we haven’t lost faith in economists, but should- Telegraph

David Ruccio spits game on labor theories of valueAnti-Capitalism

The EPA gets tough on mpg standards and mining pollution– Detroit Free Press and Guardian

Kathy Kelly on the depressing reality of our involvement in Afghanistan- AfterDowningStreet

Prabhat Patnaik on the diffusion of neoliberalism and its implications- MRZine

Indigenous groups reject market-based climate change fixes- IPS


In case you missed it, Google changed its name to Topeka yesterday.

Less is more? Network theory applied to basketball.

The recession is unfair to the rich.

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