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Friday Links

I’ve got a lot of ideas swirling, so expect a busy posting week to follow. Also, lots of links today, all worth your time- I promise.

Serious Links

Jump in on the comment thread from yesterday’s post on Profits and Unemployment- Meta

The SEC is suing Goldman Sachs- cue the Drudge siren- NYT

The European Central Bank sees risk of a second recession- NYT

Chris Maisano critiques Tony Judt’s speech on social democracy- MRZine

Mark Thoma looks at potential blame for mathematics in the crisis- I agree 100%- MoneyWatch

Gillian Tett also says mathematics have some responsibility- FT

David Ruccio and Daniel Little agree that Marx stressed the limits of predictive power for his theory- Anti-capitalism & Understanding Society

Peter Dorman critiques Paul Krugman’s piece on economics of climate change- RWER

Can random matrices shake economics to its core?- The New Scientist

Pavlina Tcherneva addresses the “responsible fiscal policy” canard- Economic Perspectives from KC

Stiglitz and Sulston against gene patents- WSJ

Tony Judt on materialism, inequality, et al.- NY Review of Books



George Bush sure knew how to take a question- those were the days

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