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Friday Links

Wow- this week really got away from me. Posts I intended to right are festering in the drafts folder. Hopefully the weekend will allow me to sort that out. Here’s an abbreviated version of Friday Links:

Ten important points about Goldman Sachs

More on the Evergreen Cooperative Initiative

Organic does not equal non-capitalist

Greenpeace on the climate bill

Famed author Eduardo Galeano looks forward from the Summit of the Mother Earth

If you’re in the DC area, come to the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-in/Counter conference next Wednesday. I’ll be attending the 8:15 session with Bill Mitchell, and hopefully can coherently blog about it afterwards.

Somewhat of a diversion: David Foster Wallace’s commencement address at Kenyon college in 2005

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To celebrate Earth Day 2010, you might check out No Impact Man (2009), where Colin Beavan tries to find out if it is possible for his family to live a both sustainable and good life.

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