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New feature for the Friday links- a quick roundup of the week’s posts, for those of you who aren’t subscribed (I’m stealing this gambit from Ezra Klein at WaPo). It was a busy week; we talked about: obesity as a function of society; Sen’s new manifesto; taking on Paul Krugman on epistemic closure; reposting Ruccio’s response to Sen’s manifesto; Notre Dame’s academic forum on economics and ethics; parody– betting against the American dream; taking on Max U; redefining fiscal sustainability; rounding up Max U comments; and why environmentalists don’t trust economists. I’m curious for feedback from both sides on this last post. No more ado, though- here are your links.

Serious Links

Amartya Sen on Adam Smith (in video form)- Maxine Udall

Chris Hayes compares financial malfeasance to looting- The Nation

Why the EPA should regulate carbon- The Nation

Ezra’s interview with Lindsey Graham on immigration and climate change- Washington Post

Steve Randy Waldman breaks down the Goldman Sachs fraudulent deal- Interfluidity

Ingrid Robeyns argues against Sen’s redundancy claims on justice- Crooked Timber

John Bellamy Foster interviewed on Marxist ecology- MRZine

Noam Chomsky says the US could broker peace in Gaza, but has chosen not to- TomDispatch

Matt Wasson says a new law is needed to supplement new EPA rules and end mountaintop removal coal mining- Grist

Is the Gulf oil spill going to be worse than Exxon-Valdez?- BBC


George Costanza: The Movie (best two minutes of your day, I promise)

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