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Here’s the weekly roundup (if you were subscribed by RSS, you’d already know all of this): Bill Moyers on defining populism; Maxine Udall on Max U and virtue; Weeds are becoming resistant to roundup, as many predicted; the US Social Forum in Detroit is approaching; how class relates to the deficit; food deserts in Chicago; economists’ myopia on deficits/debt.

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Serious Links

In recognition of Mother’s Day: Nancy Folbre on the anti-mommy bias of our economy- Economix

Neither the US nor Venezuela is Greece- New Deal 2.0 & MRZine

The moral life of babies- NYT Sunday Magazine

Daniel Little discusses mental models, which David Ruccio terms economic representations in economics- Understanding Society & Anti-Capitalism

A neuroeconomist on what ails economics- The New Scientist

What American community can look like- AlterNet

A General Theory of IndividualityChronicle

China is having energy efficiency issues- NYT


Jim Cramer on CNBC as Wall Street tanked yesterday:

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Deficit Myopia

This picture, from the Kaufmann economist survey, speaks for itself:

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