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This week we talked about: closing a philosophy department; Catholic economists; deficit falconry; the econ-enviro value gulf; and the Revere Award. Of course, most of you already know that as RSS subscribers, right? (Yes, these shameless RSS plugs will stop soon.)

Serious Links

The EU is bleeding its patient, says Mark Weisbrot- MRZine

An over-my-head debate on the importance of social theory (post and response)- Understanding Society & Anti-capitalism

Deconstructing “poverty porn”- Perspectives of Poverty

Google’s take on saving the news industry- The Atlantic

The oil spill might be much larger than the government and BP are reporting- NYT

The EPA is stepping to the plate with GHG rules- NYT

Good thing, because the Senate probably won’t- Ezra Klein

Did China or India (or Obama) sabotage Copenhagen?- Der Spiegel

What’s the deal with professional economists?- Rodger Mitchell

How subprime whistleblowers were silence- The Investigative Fund

Ben Bernanke on happiness economics– Federal Reserve


A woman’s story about her enormously embarrassing husband- Times of London

Don’t get caught in a bad hotel (some cool union activism)

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