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I’ve got some weekend homework, reading and reviewing Paul Collier’s book. Meanwhile, you need to catch up on what you may have missed this week on this blog: Brian Williams’ commencement address at ND; the Rise and Fall of GDP; Happiness, Norms, and Discount Rates; Galbraith and MMT; and Panera’s name-your-price store.

Serious Links

Chris Hayes on some recent direct action- The Nation

Lant Pritchett on competing ontologies of economic development- CGD blog

Edmund Andrews likes the FinReg bill that passed the Senate- Capitals Gains and Games

Nick Rowe on the “silent shift” in macro though- Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

Mark Weisbrot on “success” in the EU periphery- MRZine

Wynne Godley has passed away- RWER

Robert Skidelsky on the language barrier and financial crises- Project Syndicate

Ted Rall says oil companies should be nationalized- Common Dreams

Will BP’s low oil spill estimate save it money?- McClatchy

David Roberts says to focus on outcomes, not mechanisms, for climate change- Grist

David Ruccio says that Rand Paul’s attitudes about discrimination are thoroughly neoclassical- Anti-capitalism

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell on what debt hawkery means in practice- Federal Debt is Money


This xkcd comic hits close to home:

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