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This week we talked about Israel; another oil spill; the UN and veganism; compulsory voting; and an agriculture revolution (part one and two).

Here are some other interesting links:

Serious Links

Matt Yglesias discusses the blockade, which this Economist chart  and Yousef Munayyer show is on much more than weaponry

Spencer Ackerman lays down some pragmitism on Israel

Paul Street says that oil production needs to be democratically expropriated– MRZine

Otaviano Canuto on cultural heritage and poverty reduction- World Bank

Larry Summers’ memo on pollution speaks to the current oil spills

Are environmental groups in the pocket of BP?

This animation shows where all that oil will go

Is Obama expanding secret wars?- WaPo

Is Wal-Mart U a good thing? You decide- WaPo

Jeff Madrick reviews Michael Lewis’ The Big Short– NYRB


Remember Larry Craig? Somehow the Daily Show got him to sit down for an interview.

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the green horns

[This post is the second in a series that looks at six very different efforts to build a more sustainable food system in the United States. These efforts challenge us to think about food as not just a commodity, but more as a relationship with the Earth.]

The number of farmers in the United States has been plummeting since the 1950s, and the ones that still actively farm are getting closer to retirement. Here is a group that is trying to change that be recruiting young farmers. A ‘greenhorn’ is a new entrant into agriculture, and The Greenhorns is an organization run for and by young farmers that seeks to promote, recruit, and support young farmers in the US.

The organizations views small-scale, organic agriculture as a way to spread health to the farmers, the soil, and the social fabric of our society. They view farming as not just work, but as a service and a privilege, and a patriotic livelihood.   Their work is part of a wider campaign for agricultural reform to a food system that does not hurt some people so that others can make money, but instead one where everyone can benefit from.

Now boasting a network of over 3,000 young farmers between the coasts, The Greenhorns plans many events, provides information to farmers, and lobbies for a Farm Bill from Washington that is more friendly to family-farming agriculture. Find out more at their website: www.thegreenhorns.net

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