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Weekly Meeting 01/22/09

Our reading this week was “Ethics in Economics” by Charles Wilber from the PAE Review.

Some Q’s:

1) How would our educations/textbooks change with the acknowledgment of value-permeation and the always “theory-laden” character of any analysis?

2) How does the policy conversation change?

3) What are the implications of seeing mainstream economic theory (or any theory, for that matter) working within a bounded paradigm?

Some links:

In this paper, Wilber alluded to the work of Thomas Kuhn and Deirdre McCloskey.  Here are links to their wikipedia’s.

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The article from this week’s discussion:

Wendell Berry “The Idea of a Local Economy”

Some questions to consider:

1) Where are the boundaries of “local”?

2) Can the ethical imperative gleaned from a local economy be applied on a global scale?

3) What are the possibilities of a hybrid model?

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